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Investment scope:
1. Travel service providers: travel agencies, OTA online travel service providers
2. Tourist destinations: Famous tourist destinations around the world
3. Travel packages: hotels, airlines, travel media, travel insurance, and smart travel.
4. High-end customized travel: honeymoon travel photography, overseas weddings, business incentive travel, outdoor polar adventure, study tours and personalized travel.
5. Special tourism: hot spring, skiing, rafting, rock climbing, paragliding, camping, hiking, mountain climbing, etc.
6. Leisure tourism: resorts, yacht clubs, golf clubs, homestays, leisure estates, fishing and hunting, farmhouses, etc.
7. Tourism facilities: self-driving equipment and supplies; outdoor equipment for camping; wooden houses, motor homes, camping equipment; yachts, water facilities and general aircraft;
8. Tourism specialty foods: specialty souvenirs, souvenirs, crafts, special snacks, etc.