Registration process

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1、Fill in the Application Form and Agreement, and send the scanned version with your official stamp to the organizing committee.
2、Within 3 days after the conclusion of the contract by both parties, exhibitor need to pay the exhibition fee to the following account:

Account Name:Guangzhou Zhenghe Exhibition Service Co.,Ltd 

Account Number: 8224 0154 8000 000 84 

Bank: Shanghai Pudong Development Bank Pazhou Branch 

3、Please send the receipt remittance to us for confirmation after your payment is completed. Email:
4、Booth Allocation Rule: apply first, pay first, served first. We charge additional 10% of the price for double-opening booth.
5、Registration and booth building need to be finished on site (The organizing committee reserves the right to adjust the final booth location for the whole exhibition image on condition of the negotiation with exhibitors)


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