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This is a must-see before you go to Shanghai travel

Release Time | 2020-01-03

This is a must-see before you go to Shanghai travel

No one can visit Shanghai for the first time without visiting the bund, one of the most representative and irreplaceable scenic spots in the city. Small make up also recommend everyone must go. If you don't have a guide, you can visit the bund with the help of a self-help tour guide APP. You can explain by voice the history and style of the row of international architectural exhibitions on the bund. All the things that laid the cultural foundation of Shanghai before 1949 are engraved on this row of buildings.


Known as "the first commercial street in China", I do not know how many times I have been since childhood, it is too familiar, feel very general.


However, I have been to wangfujing in Beijing, shangxiajiu in guangzhou, heping road in tianjin, chunxi road in chengdu, jiefangbei in chongqing, dongmen old street in shenzhen, zhongshan road in Qingdao, zhongshan road in xiamen, and especially to the pedestrian street in ximending in Taipei, I found... Nanjing road pedestrian street...... It's not that bad.


Anyway, the bund will go, nanjing road on the way to visit it. Nanjing road is the most famous is that the first shi, yong an, xinxin, daxin four major department store building, the first shi and yong an name is still retained, the latter two now become the first food and first department store, and 100 because of the upgrading of the format, along with the east side of the east store closed decoration

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