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What are the recommended tourist attractions in Shanghai

Release Time | 2020-02-19

      Speaking of Shanghai, we all know that it is the largest city in China. In fact, Shanghai is also a city with abundant tourism resources. We all know that Shanghai is the representative of China's highest level of economy and technology. Tourists come here to visit and not only To see the most prosperous urban landscape in China, the most important thing is to be able to appreciate the unique style of this city. The self-driving tour in the suburbs of Shanghai is still very interesting. It is recommended that everyone have time to really drive their own loved ones to take a good look at the city's landscape. The classical memorial cannot pull down many tourist attractions in the outskirts of Shanghai. It is recommended that when you visit, you must pay attention to planning the travel route reasonably. This will not only save us a lot of precious time, but also The main thing is that we can see more beautiful scenery of Shanghai city in a limited time. The first thing that comes to our mind is the Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall. The Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall is a very grand memorial built in the outskirts of Shanghai. A very influential leader in modern times. He changed the direction of our times. In order to better understand this hero, it is necessary for tourists to spend several hours to visit the objects displayed in this venue. Xiaobian believes You must have a more intuitive and clear understanding of this hero. I suggest that you take a look at the Song Meiling Memorial Hall on the second stop of your trip. We all know that Song Meiling once lived in Shanghai for a period of time. In fact, Song Meiling has left a lot of valuable documents and her daily life. Supplies,

When you visit this elegant woman's daily necessities, you will definitely feel that she is a very elegant woman. The elegance of a woman is not manifested in appearance, but more often found in their usual lives. Be sure to visit the World Expo venues. We all know that in 2010, Shanghai hosted a world-renowned Expo. During the process of setting up the World Expo, the Shanghai government also invested a lot of money to build a lot of atmospheric exhibition venues. In these exhibitions, The exhibition hall displays the rare and precious treasures of various countries. These rare and precious treasures received great attention during the exhibition. Although many venues have been demolished in the exhibition village of the World Expo, Chinese venues are still retained. For everyone, visiting such venues will be very exciting, because we will indeed serve the wisdom and wisdom of the Chinese people. I am proud of hard work, and I believe that this is also the feeling of each of us in China. There are many places selling small accessories in the exhibition area of the Shanghai World Expo. If you want to bring some small souvenirs to your family or colleagues, you can buy them here. The editor of the self-driving tour in the suburbs of Shanghai simply told my friends so much, because there are so many tourist attractions in Shanghai, I suggest that you can plan well when traveling by car.

A quick glance at the attractions Shanghai is a bustling "ten-mile ocean field", where modern and ancient, the best combination of Chinese and Western, make this city known as the magic capital exude charming charm. Here, the red tile wall of the old house Carrying Shanghai's legendary history; Shikumen lanes show Shanghai's traditional way of life; Xintiandi is a good place for clubbing and pick-ups; Zhujiajiao and Qibao Old Street show the charm of the ancient town; the town's noodles are full of snacks. Lin, at the beginning of the Huadeng Festival, the buildings on the Bund across the Huangpu River and the Oriental Pearl Tower across the bank can be seen. This is also a paradise for shopping and entertainment, Happy Valley, Ocean Park, tropical wind

Shanghai, the capital of China, is located at the entrance of the Yangtze River in the east of China. It is the largest city in China and a city with a fairly developed economy and culture. This is a young and energetic place where you can smell fashion and trends. Here you can also taste history and classics. Leisure, entertainment and shopping can be satisfied here. No matter which city you are in, it is very convenient to come to Shanghai. Shanghai has two international airports, Hongqiao and Pudong, with routes covering almost all major domestic and international cities. At the same time, Shanghai also has three railway stations: the South Railway Station, the Railway Station and the Hongqiao Railway Station. It is the world's largest transportation hub, whether it is an ordinary train or a high-speed rail. All have passed through Shanghai. Shanghai's tourist attractions are dazzling. No matter whether it is a panoramic three-day tour or a leisure and entertainment two-day tour, you can find your own line. For a classic day trip, you can visit Nanjing Road, climb the Oriental Pearl Tower to see the panoramic view of Shanghai, go to the Old Town God Temple to find a snack suitable for you, take a walk on the Bund at night to see the night view, and experience the prosperity of this urban night. If you have time, you can also go to Happy Valley on the outskirts of Shanghai and feel the excitement of the roller coaster, the coolness of the water park, the innocence of the carousel, and give you a chance to relax in the city for a long time. At the same time, there are many famous universities in Shanghai. Fudan and Tongji are both suitable for strolling around and experiencing different academic atmospheres in higher education institutions, or strolling on Duolun Road Cultural Festival to experience the style of modern art. Shanghai is also a paradise for shoppers, Xujiahui, Chia Tai Plaza, Ever Sleeping City, Tianzifang, etc. There are countless well-known brands here. You can come here to buy expensive luxury goods, or you can find cheap but exquisite crafts here. No matter what kind of shopping needs are met here.

The largest city in mainland China. Shanghai's tourism resources integrate modern architecture, historical architecture, and natural scenery into one. It cleverly combines natural and human landscapes, and attracts a large number of tourists every year. Let me introduce the Shanghai tourism strategy. Natural climate Shanghai has four distinct seasons, mild and humid climate, shorter spring and autumn, longer winter and summer. From May to September, there is much precipitation, accounting for more than half of the annual precipitation. After July, it will be dry and dry, and it will be sultry during this time. Therefore, spring in spring and autumn in autumn are the best seasons to visit Shanghai. Oriental Pearl Tower The Oriental Pearl Tower is the seat of the Shanghai International News Center. It combines sightseeing, dining, shopping and entertainment services, and is one of Shanghai's landmark buildings and tourist attractions. Like a string of bright pearls, it sparkles in the night sky of Shanghai. Visitors can enjoy the infinite scenery of Shanghai by taking the world's first 360-degree fully transparent three-track sightseeing elevator. The Oriental Pearl Sky Revolving Restaurant is the highest revolving restaurant in Asia. There is a place on the Oriental Pearl Tower dedicated to selling exquisite tourist souvenirs. The items here are complete and the prices are cheap, making people forget to return. Shanghai Disneyland Shanghai Disneyland will be a core component of Shanghai International Tourism Park after its completion. Due to Disney's fairy tales and the mystery of the park, Shanghai Disneyland has become a magical park.

In front of the park is a huge artificial lake, which will be the largest water feature platform in Disney history. Upon entering Shanghai Disneyland, you will see the towering Princess Castle. There is a magical fairy tale circulating behind each castle, which makes tourists who come to sightseeing full of infinite reverie. Shanghai's castle will become the tallest and largest of all Disneyland castles, and here visitors can interact with cartoon characters, adding a lot of fun to the tour. In the middle of the park, a huge beautiful garden will be built. Entering here is like straying into a fairyland full of flowers, which makes people feel refreshed and intoxicated.

The historic building of the First National Congress of the Communist Party of China was the residence of Li Hanjun, one of the original founders of the Shanghai Communist Group. In the showroom, various documents and materials about the early days of the Communist Party were displayed, including the background of the founding of the Communist Party, its activities, and the birth of the Party. The Peace Hotel is the first modern building in Shanghai's modern architectural history, and it is the social center and entertainment place of Shanghai. In addition, Shanghai has a lot of famous people, including Lu Xun, Cai Yuanpei, and Song Qingling. Shanghai Travel Guide will be introduced here first. I hope you enjoy your trip to Shanghai.