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The best travel guide for Shanghai three-day tour!

Release Time | 2020-02-19

The best travel guide for Shanghai three-day tour!

Everyone will do a good job before traveling to Shanghai. Before going to a place, it is necessary to do a good job. In the guide, the weather conditions and itinerary are the first plans. The travel route must be based on the local The traffic situation and the attractions you want to play make reasonable arrangements, so how do you plan to travel to Shanghai? To provide everyone with a three-day travel guide to Shanghai.

Day 1: Shanghai Yuyuan Garden-Old City God Temple-Shanghai Old Street
Day 2: The Oriental Pearl of Shanghai-The Bund Sightseeing Tunnel-The Bund 18-Waibaidu Bridge-Shanghai Qingpu River Cruise on Huangpu River
Day 3: Shanghai People's Square-Madame Tussauds Shanghai-Nanjing Road-Old Shanghai 1930 Fengqing Street

Recommended Shanghai Disney Routes

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Exciting and thrilling routes: create a speed light wheel → jet backpack aircraft → golden fairy tale grand performance → seven dwarf minecarts → Peter Pan sky adventures → crystal color flying → soaring? Flying over the horizon → rope challenge road → thunder mountain drifting → Pirates of the Caribbean-The Battle for Fallen Treasures

Parent-child tour route: fairy tale time → Winnie the Pooh Adventures → Alice in Wonderland Maze → Seven Dwarf Mine Car Pass Performance → Dumbo → Fantasia Carousel → Mickey Street → Castle Luminous Phantom Show

Shanghai Tourism Consumption Reference

Attractions: The cost of tickets to attractions in Shanghai depends on how visitors play. Tickets are not required for Chenghuangmiao Old Street, Tianzifang, various ancient towns, some museums and the Bund. Tickets for historical attractions such as Yuyuan Garden, Jing'an Temple, and former residences of celebrities range from a dozen yuan to tens of yuan. Of course, if tourists want to go to theme parks such as Shanghai Disneyland, Happy Valley, or board the Oriental Pearl Tower, Jinmao Tower and other viewing platforms to see the night view, a hundred yuan ticket is indispensable.

Catering: The level of catering consumption in Shanghai varies widely. The key is the choice of tourists. In the Old Town God Temple Snack Street, Xiao Yang Sheng Jian and other specialty snack bars, you can eat it for 30 yuan. For tourists who want to sit back and taste the food from all over the world, there are countless delicious restaurants in Shanghai for you to choose, with prices ranging from dozens to hundreds per capita. If you want to experience elegant and luxurious dining environment, the top restaurants along the Bund are the best place for you to eat. The best restaurants can reach 1,000 yuan per person.

Accommodation: As an international metropolis, Shanghai has a wide range of accommodation types and prices vary widely. The price of a bed in a youth hostel is about 80 yuan, and the better location is about 100 yuan. Standard hotel prices are between 250-600 yuan. Prices for quality hotels with more than four stars are basically above 800 yuan. In Shanghai, the price of a hotel is absolutely proportional to its location. The closer it is to the downtown area of the Bund and People's Square, the more expensive it becomes.

Transportation: The main mode of travel for Shanghai tourists is by subway and bus. The subway ticket price is 3-10 yuan (you can buy a 1-day subway ticket, see the city transportation section for details), and the bus price is 2 yuan. After a day, if you only play around the city, the transportation cost will not exceed 30 yuan. Shanghai taxis are more expensive, with a starting price of 14 yuan, 2.4 yuan per kilometer for more than three kilometers, and 3.6 yuan for more than 10 kilometers. If you encounter traffic jams in the urban area again, the cost of a taxi will not be lower than dozens of dollars.

Ancient Towns Around Shanghai-Xitang

Smoke and Rain Promenade during the day
Humanitarian Xitang has "three more", "more bridges, more lanes, more gallery sheds." The beauty of Xitang is probably inseparable from these three. There are many rivers in the countryside, so there are many stone bridges. The bridge is not just the bridge itself. Behind each bridge is a history and an unknown story. In addition to the bridge, the alley in Xitang must be mentioned. There are 122 small and large alleys, which are large and small, wide, narrow, and narrow. In addition, there is a riverside shed called Xiyan Rain Corridor in Xitang, which is regarded as a unique scenic line in the ancient town. The promenade covered by the plain black tile roof is both a landscape and a story. Strolling in the ancient town of Xitang, walking the bridge and crossing the promenade, the simple and light folk customs, spiritual charm and ancient atmosphere pass through these high or low stone arch bridges, long or short small alleys, and those who cannot see at a glance The promenade shed slowly flowing out.

River lights at night
The river lantern is a reserved show in Xitang at night. Every evening, locals come out and start selling a variety of delicate paper folding lamps. Each one is handmade, embodying the unique ingenuity of grandpa and grandma. As night fell, the water was shining brightly, and the water lamps floated on the river. The colorful lights illuminate the river and the wishes of those who pray for blessings. Light a river lamp, watch the river lamp follow the wave exile, and silently promise the next wish in my heart, I believe that it will come true soon.