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Shanghai International Tourism Exhibition takes you on a journey to the world

Release Time | 2020-02-19

Shanghai International Tourism Exhibition takes you on a journey to the world

Authority data

Relevant authoritative data show that China's domestic tourism revenue reached 5.1 trillion yuan in 2018 and is expected to reach 6.1 trillion yuan in 2019. In 2019, the number of domestic tourists in the country will reach 6.06 billion, and the number of foreign tourists will reach 150 million, maintaining the annual 10 Growth rate of more than%.

At present, China has steadily ranked first in the world ’s tourism consumption, and Shanghai is the developed city with the highest tourism vitality index and the highest tourism consumption among Chinese cities. The “Shanghai Urban Master Plan (2017-2035)” clearly states that Shanghai will be built As a world-famous tourist city and a world-class tourist destination city, it is imperative to provide Shanghai residents with a better, more direct and more affordable tourist service experience.

Shanghai has a wide radiation and strong influence

Shanghai is located on the southeast coast of China and is located at the mouth of the Yangtze River. It is one of the most developed cities in China and the economic center of China. Shanghai's special status determines the huge absorption, radiation and influence of Shanghai on the tourism industry. It is one of the tourist destinations for domestic and foreign tourism and the city with the largest number of tourists. It also determines that Shanghai's tourism industry has huge room for development and growth. . Zhenghe Convention and Exhibition Group has spared no expense in building the Shanghai International Tourism Exhibition with the theme of "Starting from here and starting the world journey". With innovative marketing models and rich sales promotion, it has added to the Shanghai tourism industry.

Leading Shanghai Tourism Industry's New Marketing Model

Shanghai International Tourism Exhibition, referred to as ITCF, is a brand exhibition that combines one-stop tourism B2C marketing and B2B cooperation and communication mode, which maximizes the integration of tourism brands and online media resources from all over the world and Shanghai, and fully meets industry professionals and The demand of Shanghai's tourism consumers has attracted widespread attention from the industry, and is bound to be recognized by the majority of industry professionals and consumers. It is a new trend in the tourism industry's marketing model and a new consumption platform, and it is a "vane" that guides tourism consumption. In order to cultivate a large-scale brand exhibition in the Shanghai tourism industry, the ITCF Organizing Committee adheres to great efforts, investment and long-term cultivation, and carefully builds a one-stop tourism consumer platform that serves the people and businesses, and cultivates brands.

The Shanghai International Tourism Exhibition will be held at the Shanghai New International Expo Center on April 16-18, 2020. ITCF will be hosted by Guangzhou Zhenghe Convention and Exhibition, co-organized by Shenzhen School-enterprise Association, Research Tourism Professional Committee, and won the National Tourism Administration of Thailand. , Finland Tourism Board, Japan Tourism Board, Singapore Tourism Board, Canada Tourism Board, France Tourism Board, Italy Tourism Board, British Tourism Board, Mexico Tourism Board, Spain Tourism Board, Russia Tourism Board, Malaysia Tourism Board jointly supported and received Supported by the government authorities and chambers of commerce in Shanghai, relying on the strong rigid demand of the Shanghai tourism market and the joint and effective promotion of major well-known tourism brands, through the matchmaking of ITCF's one-stop tourism marketing platform, Shanghai ’s April tourism tourism will start tide.