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Top ten must-visit attractions in Shanghai tourism, how many do you know?

Release Time | 2020-02-19

Top ten must-visit attractions in Shanghai tourism, how many do you know?

The Bund on the Huangpu River

It has been regarded as a symbol of Shanghai for more than 100 years, and the river view that stretches 1.5 kilometers from Waibaidu Bridge must not be missed. The more beautiful the night, the better we recommend to visit the Bund at night. Every year on December 31, the Bund will stage an iconic New Year's light show.


The mainland's first Disney resort, the largest castle, the longest float parade route. It is recommended to arrive at Disney before the first subway to avoid the crowd. Five Most Popular Projects #Tron Creates Aurora Wheel, Leaps Over The Horizon, Pirates Of The Caribbean, Battle For Fallen Treasures, Rafting In Thunder Mountain

Must-play reasons: Skyscraper building landmark in the heart of old Shanghai #foot on the full transparent glass at a height of 259 meters #If you feel soft, you can also choose to lie down and take a cool high-altitude photo. How to play with a baby? Take the elevator to a 98-meter-high entertainment ball to watch a 5D movie, and then ride back to the world's highest indoor roller coaster.

In "Lust Ring", the phrase "Go to Fokison Road" means Wukang Road. Behind almost every house, there is a celebrity story. Here are also the most visited bars, bakeries and western restaurants. Ba Jin, Song Qingling's Former Residence Wukang Road is also one of the three famous Chinese historical and cultural streets in Shanghai. The most worth visiting is Ba Jin and Song Qingling's Former Residence.
A must-play reason: Standing on the top of Lujiazui overlooking the 118th floor of the magic city, the high-level landscape of the magic city can experience 360-degree clouds overlooking Shanghai

Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street is the busiest century-old commercial street in Shanghai and one of Shanghai's landmark attractions. Ride the "Dangdang car" slowly on the pedestrian street and feel the old-fashioned charm of the "First Commercial Street in the Far East".
Yuyuan Garden is located in the Chenghuang Temple Scenic Area. It is the only classical garden in the south of the city that has survived for 100 years. #The most beautiful season, if Meixiang Manyu Garden happens to come in winter, the pavilion with the plum blossoms in bloom is definitely the most beautiful Chenghuang temple.

Tian Zifang, a creative Shanghai “nongtang attraction” after the Shikumen building complex. In the market-filled alleys, there are creative shops, art workshops, etc., as well as novel creative cuisine and exquisite coffee shops. They eat, shop, and shoot, and are most popular with young people.

Xintiandi Shikumen

Reasons to play: In addition to the trendy brand of Shikumen Street, the favorite place for hipsters and foreigners, in addition to Xintiandi Shopping Mall 1933, the former venue was the slaughterhouse, which has now become Shanghai's most unique creative park. Location of "Little Age".

There is a cutting-edge drama performance when watching the cutting-edge drama in the micro theater on the second floor. The close distance between the stage and the auditorium creates different general performances and drama watching effects.